I’ve been wanting to start another category of posts on my site. The site began with weekend race reports, and I love posting those, but I also want to be able to write about other topics of great interest to me. So I introduce: Reviews! I purchase so many products from year-to-year. Whether it be supplies for a specific race or general components and race equipment that I purchase each year, I initially have a strong opinion (good or bad) about the product. This will be a thread of unfiltered reviews of those products.

I promise, the future of Reviews will not be only products from sponsors. I wouldn’t represent a product unless I believed in it and really knew it worked. I couldn’t fathom wearing a company’s name across my jersey that didn’t produce a worthwhile product.  I wouldn’t say good about a product only because I represent them, but instead because I truly believe in them. By reviewing only products from sponsors wouldn’t be fair. Even though I will speak highly of them because I wouldn’t represent something I don’t believe in, other good products I come across throughout the year should receive an ‘unfiltered’ outside review as well.

Reviews #1, Southern Wheelworks

Nothing would make more sense to review first than my wheels! My title sponsor for 2016 and 2017 has been Southern Wheelworks. Dustin started the company a few years ago as a side project, working as an engineer during the

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