June 10th-11th, 2017

Just finished another long weekend of racing.

Thursday was the finale of the Augusta Canal Crown TT series. This 4-race low-key party-in-the-woods event is always something I look forward to each year. I rounded out the series coming in second place overall.

CCTT Finale

Saturday was another short race with a shorttrack warm-up for Sunday’s XC event. Saturday I ventured to Allatoona Creek Park just north of Atlanta where I was attending my second SERC event of the year (first being 12 hours of Santos). This race was a quick 15-minute plus one lap race where everyone was pushing hard the entire time. About 15 Expert men lined up in my wave. I was feeling good for the first 2/4 laps of the race. I was sitting in with the lead group, hoping to continue the pace to the end. On lap 3, all the sudden in an open double-track area, someone came around to my left, clipped my handlebar, and I tumbled. Don’t remember much about what happened in the next few seconds besides looking back and seeing a pile of bikes on top and behind me. Adrenaline was pumping so I jumped right back up to catch up. Ended up with only minor scrapes, but lost a considerable amount of time to the lead pack. I pushed to the finish coming away with 5th place in Cat 1 19-39.

Sunday’s race was set to go off at 9:30am. I was hoping I still had some of that quick-recoverability I taught my body for the stage race back in April. I stayed the night there at the park in the van, conversating with other campers until sundown.

Camping spot for the weekend

I was up early.. Breakfast. Coffee. Bike check. Luckily we were racing before the Georgia heat set in too much. Many of the same competitors showed up for Sunday’s jaunt as did for the shorttrack. Never having been at the park previously, I had some confidence from seeing the terrain the day before, but still hadn’t ridden the whole trail. Out of the gate, I was in the lead group heading into the woods. The start was a long 2-3 minute gravel road funneling into singletrack. The tight and twisty trail took a few riders down during the initial lap. I managed to get through, still upright. There was a group of about 5 that I rode with. We kept a fast pace to complete lap 1/4. As the group started breaking up into two smaller groups, I kept pace and had a good time riding. Lap 2-3, Dustin Greer and I swapped positions a few times attempting to catch up to the lead pack. We were a bit off the pace as he went down on lap 1 and I made two wrong turns. Beginning lap 4, I started out pacing our group of two. A few miles in I had a sudden cramp that forced me off the bike to stretch. This was odd because I never get cramps this bad that force me to completely stop. After a minute I was that much further back from Dustin in 3rd. I attempted to play catch-up, but didn’t have the power to minimize the gap. I finished in a solid 4th, mostly happy with the day.

Awards took place and another Sunday of racing was in the books. Lots of racing these past 4 days (and coincidentally they were all Georgia events). One week off, then racing Stump Jump in Spartanburg, SC.

Allatoona Creek Park, GSC Series

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