April 12th, 2017

Stage 2 Overview | Blue Ridge Adventures


Much happier with how I felt during stage 2, compared to 1.

After dinner last night, Chris, Nat (my camping mate), and myself were still craving carbs after dinner.. Which led us to Pescado’s. A local burrito joint that definitely hit the spot

Day 2 started this morning directly across the street from the campground we were staying in. This was super convenient because we could sleep in and roll right to the start a few minutes before go-time.

Today started with 6 miles of road, taking the near 200 riders down the main highway in Pisgah Forest. We were escorted out of town until we hit the dirt road. There​ has to be a cool pic of the big group of riders out there​ somewhere

Once onto the dirt road, we climbed for a bit, maybe 20 minutes. Descending into the first single track was the beginning of the most trail of all stages.

Some point during the next hour, I found a rock and decided to fall over on it. Busting my knee up a bit; nothing to stop a ride for

Today’s ride was 2 hours 42 minutes; about a half-hour longer than yesterday’s.

I’m currently posted up at a sketchy laundromat I found in town, trying to fall asleep in the back of project promaster.

Check out this cool video from yesterday’s Stage 1: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6D96gPYugNo&feature=youtu.be



Stage #2 | Pisgah Stage Race

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