April 11th, 2017

Stage 1 Overview | Blue Ridge Adventures


Today is where it all begins; Stage 1.

Getting here

I rolled into Brevard on Sunday. Enough time to setup camp and get settled in for the week. Last night we had the initial racers meeting. Awesome food was served while Todd, the promoter, gave an overview of the week.

Brevard Music Center – Welcoming dinner

After dinner, I was quickly off to bed. I was tired just thinking of the next 5 days

Stage 1

Woke up with enough time to brew coffee and get stoked for the day to come. Today’s start was at Cove Creek campground. I made the few minute drive into the forest, warmed up, and the start was at 9am sharp.

The Ride

Today’s ride was familiar, challenging, and luckily, mostly dry. We rode the same course as the Couch Potato race; held towards the end of the year. Everyone was off the line fast. We climbed, then descended down Daniel Ridge. Followed by two additional gravel climbs and descending some fast single-track. I ended up finishing 21 out of 50-some. Placed right in the middle, with plenty of work to do over the next 4 days.

Now, off​ to dinner and to get some well deserved rest.

Stage #1 | Pisgah Stage Race

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