March 20th, 2017

Pisgah… The one word that raises the hair on my arm. Thoughts of screaming down Bennett; grinding up Clawhammer; and fighting armpump on Black Mountain stream through my head all week. It’s training season and about time for some serious racing — name a better place to knock out a full weekend of miles

PISGAH Day 1: Cove Creek => Davidson River => Butter Gap => Cat Gap => Cove Creek => Long Branch => Cat Gap

Friday 0500: Load up #projectpromaster and get on the road by 7. Meeting Chris and Barrett at noon and I’m ready to shred some Pisgah.

Chris, Barrett and I meetup and plan to hit everything right around the Fish Hatchery. We opt to follow most of the Swank 65 route minus Farlow 🙁 Chris was atop a few days earlier and say there may still have been snow. I get to meet Chris’ friend, Barrett, who does guided bike tours out of the Brevard area. If you’re looking for someone to show you the ins-and-outs of the Brevard area shoot Barrett a message @ Red Wolf Tours.

“Where the white woman at?” | Barrett

PISGAH Day 2: Clawhammer => Avery Creek => Bennett => Lower Black

Patrick, Andrew, Chris, and Drew are among the group of us on Saturday. After one hard day, it’s always great to have others pull you along the next day. It allows me to put the pain on the backburner and have fun with the crew.

We start out climbing Clawhammer.. all the way to the top. We decide to hit Avery Creek first. The rowdiness during the first few hundred feet of Avery get the best of my back tire. Small slice from one-of-many sharp rocks. Change tire and finish the long Avery descent. One of my favs in Pisgah for sure. At this point, I’m glad my banana made it 1.5 hours!

Never know when you may need a…

 Everyone was excited (sarcasm) to continue our day of climbing. 2000+ ft so far; Back up to Bennett we go

An iconic Bennett Gap photo | Drew

PISGAH Day 3: Clawhammer => Buckhorn => South Mills => Horse Cove => Squirrel => Buckhorn => Full Black Mountain

When only two days in Pisgah aren’t enough — Hammer out three! Patrick and myself plan another day of climbing. I wanted to hit a few of the Stage Race trails and we wanted to do Full Black Mountain; so back up Clawhammer we go.  To Horse Cove via Buckhorn Gap first

Mid-Horse Cove | Some may have seen an Instagram Live at this point

Horse Cove is another rowdy and short descent. Another one of my favorites because of the rocky and tech.

I’d never done Black Mountain from all the way at the top. So, this was next!

Yes, that’s another banana


Top of Black Mountain


I wish I had staggering photos or a video that displayed the amount of stoke from Patrick and I as we flew down Black Mountain. That descent was worth it! The grind up Clawhammer, carrying the bike, and the hike to 4200ft was all worth it.

Now… when do we go back???


The Pisgah | Three days in my second home

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