November 15th, 2016
Sitting here at camp the Saturday before Swank 65… We arrived yesterday afternoon, with just enough time to setup camp, get a quick ride in, and cook dinner. The Swank claims to cover the hardest trail in Pisgah, Farlow Gap. Luckily, both Chris and I have pre-rode most of the course in the previous few weeks.
Taking in some great Pisgah views

Temperatures last night got down into the 30s. Much colder than we’ve had in Aiken recently. This morning we were amped and ready to hit some leg-opener Pisgah trails. Ended up meeting a cool group of locals to ride the Cove Creek trail with. We left to ride right after the racers of the Couch Potato started. 2 hours and 13 minutes later we saw the first place racer come across the line, a dude from Dublin, OH (not far from where I used to live in OH!).

Couch Potato Open Men Podium

The sun is about to go down, we’re about go hang at Sycamore Cycles and The Hub before cooking dinner later. Getting psyched for tomorrow…

Day before Swank 2016

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